Good Market App

A mobile app/website for a fictional supermarket called Good Market for Interaction Design course. To start out, I first had to define what the business and user goals of this product would be. Then i looked at 3 competitors in the space and examined their products. Before jumping into “design”, I thought about the product strategy, considering questions like how the product would be used, and where.

A deep dive into one of the competitors revealed good and bad examples of usability. I used card sorting with three target users as a technique for defining the information architecture of the app and then used my findings to create a sitemap. I then applied user-and goal-centered thinking to define the user flows depicting the pathways users would take to accomplish certain goals.

As my understanding of the product evolved, I was able to put together a set of product requirements that could be used by design and engineering teams to get all the major stakeholder aligned. Finally, I created wireframes for some of the major screens and defined designed patterns for navigation and search to help users perform these basic tasks.

Technologies used: Sketch 3, Paper, Marker