Child Labour App

I used the World Bank Data API to create an app that displays data for children in employment around the world. This API project was an opportunity to further my passion of using technology for social good and to explore data visualization. The process for this app started with choosing the issue I wanted to highlight, then I picked out the API that would give me the required data.

Once I laid out the story I wanted to tell with that data, I explored different ways of displaying the information. After quickly brainstorming 5 different ways of visualizing the statistics on paper, I showed an two versions of the design displaying data as option 1 and option 5 (from the sketches below) to three different users. All three users preferred option 5 which I incorporated in the final design.

Since the World Bank’s database is not comprehensive and may not always have data for each country or indicator, I also designed an error handler that lets the user know when no data is available for a particular indicator.

Technologies used: HTML5, CSS3, API, JavaScript